District Communications Team (DCT)

Hayes Elementary School

The District Communications Team (DCT) is a group that was created upon the recommendation of the District Transition Team.   Below is information about the team and how we will communicate with you.

The mission of the DCT is to facilitate two-way communication between the district and every school community; communication that is open, timely and provides needed information for parents & staff.

Bring Communication from our School Community

We serve as the contact person(s) in our school community when people have district questions, suggestions or issues.   Our school community's input is brought to the DCT meetings and also shared with administration.

Distribute Communication and Report Back to our School Community 

We attend DCT meetings to learn about district topics and make recommendations on what needs to be communicated to school communities. We also update our school communities with information on district topics.

You can either email us, or fill out the Sharing Form below and turn it into the office.   All of your questions and comments will be reviewed by the DCT for upcoming communications and shared with administrators that are responsible for that topic.  

Teacher Representitive

Kathy Hofmeister

Parent Representitive

Virginia Peyton

LPS District Communications Team Website

District Communications Team