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December 16, 2013

Dear Families:

I hope the holiday season has been enjoyable for everyone so far. Around the Krueger house, our almost two-year-old son, Jeffrey, is making sense of Christmas.  He has not quite put together the idea that Santa brings presents.  He just knows who Santa is and that for some reason we have a tree in our living room.  Oh, and did I mention the “pretty” lights?  Ahhh…the magic of the holidays for a small child! I look forward to Christmas morning and the fun watching paper fly everywhere—only to realize that Jeffrey thinks it is a better toy than those Santa brought!

This week is our final week before Holiday Break.  On Friday, December 20 we will be having a full day of events to celebrate good behavior and the holidays before we leave for break.  In the morning, students have earned the privilege of a movie for good behavior around the building.  Coupled with the movie, we will be having a “Market Day” where students will be able to spend their earned class cash on items to enjoy during the movie.  I will be bringing in pop, popcorn, candy, etc. for students to purchase with their class cash. Some parents have also donated candy or items for the market day, that will be packaged in goodie bags for students to purchase.  This week, each student was provided a “statement” outlining how much savings he or she has; so many of them are, in their thinking, “well off” and looking forward to the event!   

During the afternoon of December 20, there will be an assembly for all classes at 1:30; then, we will be having a short holiday celebration in our classroom after 3:00.  Mrs. Berger, Mrs. Duhr and Mrs. Hrycaj are willing to coordinate treats for the group.  Like our Halloween celebration, I am asking families for contribution $1 toward the celebration.  Together, the room parents and I can purchase treats and beverages, and make this a more “stress-free” activity for all families.  If your family is willing to contribute, please send the money to school by Tuesday, December 17.  The parents and I will be shopping for items on Wednesday and Thursday.

This week will be very busy around our classroom.  In addition to wrapping studies up throughout the week, we have a very full itinerary for our final day before the break.  As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I am always glad to help out!

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. K.    : )

P.S.  I have made some minor modifications to our class' daily schedule.  It is attached below on this page.

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