3rd Grade
Mrs. Mitchell's class Posttest

Mrs. Castiglione's class Posttest

Ms. Howe's class Posttest

Bridge Assignment Websites:
MDOT - Michigan Department of Transportation

Go to Mr. Krueger's Posttest

Open and Save a copy of the Michigan City Report

Mr. Kreuger's Class:

New Newspaper Template

Trading Card: http://bighugelabs.com/

Images: Image Quest, Photos for Class, Pics 4 Learning

Howe: First Thanksgiving

Kreuger: Internet Safety

3rd Grade and Junior/Senior Class

Download the catalog assignment

Mrs. Castiglione's class: Pretest
Mrs. Mitchell's class: Pretest
Mrs. Howe's class: Pretest
Mr. Krueger's class: Pretest

Mr. Krueger's class : Download the Catalog Assignment