WELCOME TO MUSIC with Miss Martin

Do you find that your child breaks into songs from school when you least expect it? Are you often asked to guess what songs they are humming or clapping ? 

In music your child will play lots of music games that promote singing,language,self control , music skills and joy. On first glance it may seem as if all that is happening is a good time. But on closer investigation you will see many skills at work.  Most of the time the singing is unaccompanied. Without an outside source to make the music the child finds their singing voice and  keep the song in their  long term memory.  

When a song is in a child's long term memory they are able to pull out different musical elements like rhythm patterns,pitch patterns, musical hand signs and many more. The ability to hear small sections of the music increases the child's  auditory skills and enhances reading.

Within the game the child develops social skills , respects their classmates, patiently waits for a turn, and enjoys watching someone elses turn.  The game by its actions also reinforces the meaning of the language.


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