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Music - It's More Than Just Singing and Dancing!

Our school improvement goals focus on student writing. For many years now I have been researching the connection between music and student literacy. Believe it or not, reading skills actually start with the outdoor play of very young children.  Through play, children learn to balance, improve coordination, learn to adjust their gaze (as opposed to a fixed gaze which is obtained through video games) and be fluent in crossing the body mid-line. 

Musical phrasing and patterning further reinforces reading and writing. It also has a profound influence on speaking! Students will complete a fair amount of writing in the music room, in a variety of methods.

Music isn’t just singing and dancing anymore. As a teacher, I have worked hard to find ways to connect musical skills and concepts with standardized testing goals. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your child this year.

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